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Overall objectives:
-   Assessment of food consumption, dietary habits and nutritional quality of the diet among adults and children in Belgium (3-64 years).
-   Assessment of physical activity levels and sedentariness in Belgium among adults and children (3-64 years).
-   Assessment of the adequacy of food and nutrient intakes and physical activity in the different subgroups of the population compared to the recommendations.
-   Estimation of exposure of Belgian children and adults to contaminants, additives and other chemicals in food.
-   Estimation of the effect of nutrition policies (e.g. Belgian National Food and Health Plan (2005-2010), salt reduction, fortification of foods with nutrients, ...) on food and nutrient intakes of the population.


 Specific objectives:  

-   To estimate the intake of macro- and micronutrients;
-   To estimate the exposure to additives and contaminants in pursuing food safety;
-   To estimate the intake of micronutrients through food supplements;
-   To study the food consumption and dietary habits by sex, age and different social groups;
-   To provide information for initiation of new policies and for evaluation of existing nutrition policies;
-   To characterize sub-groups at risk for:
              a) deficient or excessive intake of nutrients; 
              b) unsafe exposures to chemicals and contaminants in foods.

     -   To use trends in food consumption and dietary habits detected through surveillance to anticipate future evolutions.