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Oganisation chart and missions
 Organisation chart.png

The operational directorate Public health and surveillance provides reliable, practical and impartial information on the health of the Belgian population. This epidemiology and toxicology center studies factors that should improve health and the risks for public health. Health is not simply th fact of not being ill.  Likewise, research in epidemiology is not simply about diseases and problems, but is also concerned with physical, mental and social well-being, and the factors that influence it.

The service Surveys, Lifestyle and Chronic diseases develops and execute different surveys on health status, life style, use of services and is activaly working on survey methodology. The service is also focusing on the unequal distribution of health and its determinants in relation to social position in society and follows the development of public health indicators at national and international level. It also provides support to health policy in relation to life styles, e.g.illegal drugs and a variety of other issues such as chronic diseases.

The Nutritions & Health team is responsible, among other things, to elaborate and follow-up different nutrition and food consumption surveys (2004, 2014, ...)