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 Sampling of selected people


3200 people were randomly selected and subdivided into 64 groups throughout Belgium. Each group contains 50 people: children, adolescents and adults.

The number of groups that were selected in each province is proportional to the population size of this province.

For example: Brussels-Capital counts 1.161.6547 inhabitants, while the province of Luxembroug count 278.167 inhabitants. So, 7 groups of 50 persons were selected in the Brussels-Capital region and 2 groups of 50 persons in the province of Luxembourg.

In total 500 little children, 500 children, 1000 adolescents, 600 young adults and 600 adults will be interviewed.   

 sampling EN.png



 On the picture below you can see the selected municipalities.

 Selectedmunicipalities.jpgLegende EN.png